The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

The Giant Killers of


Fifth Round, Saturday February 15th 1964, Manor Ground, Oxford, Attendance 21,700

Scorers Tony Jones {13}, {48}, Bill Calder {90}

Blackburn: Mick Ferguson {68}

Oxford United

On match day: 11th in Division Four [Fourth Tier]

Final placing: 18th

League Places difference: 77 

Blackburn Rovers

On match day: 2nd in Division One [Top flight]

Final placing: 7th

Pedigree: F A Cup Finalists 1960. 

Birmingham City 1-2 Port Vale
Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1964

Attendance: 21,615 

Scorers: {City} Malcolm Beard : {Vale} Roy Sproson {14}, Jackie Mudie {65} 

Ranked at the time: 151

City: 1:Colin Withers, 2:Stan Lynn, 3:Colin Green, 4:Terry hennessey, 5:Trevor Smith, 6:Malcolm Beard, 7:Mike Hellawell, 8:Jimmy Bloomfield, 9:Bobby Thomson, 10:Ken Leek, 11:Bertie Auld. Manager:Gil Merrick
Vale:1:Ken Hancock, 2:Selwyn Whalley, 3:Ron Wilson, 4:Tim Rawlings, 5:John Nicholson, 6:Roy Sproson, 7:John Rowland, 8:Stan Steele, 9:Tony Richards, 10:Jackie Mudie, 11:Ron Smith. Manager:Freddie Steele
Leicester City 2-3 Leyton Orient
Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1964

Attendance: 21,623 

Scorers: {City} Ken Keyworth, Graham Cross : {Orient} Malcolm Musgrove {2}, Ian King {own goal}  

Ranked at the time: 227

City: 1:Gordon Banks, 2:Len Chalmers, 3:Richie Norman, 4:Frank McLintock, 5:Ian King, 6:Colin Appleton, 7:Howard Riley, 8:Graham Cross, 9:Ken Keyworth, 10:Davd Gibson, 11:Mike Stringfellow. Manager:Matt Gillies 
Orient: 1:Mike Pinner, 2:Stan Charlton, 3:Eddie Lewis, 4:Mal Lucas, 5:Sid Bishop, 6:Cyril Lea, 7:Norman Deeley, 8:Dave Dunmore, 9:Harry Gregory, 10:Gordon Bolland, 11:Malcolm Musgrove. Manager:Benny Fenton
Newcastle United 1-2 Bedford Town
Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1964

Attendance: 33,820          

Scorers: {United} Stan Anderson {87} : {Town} John Fahy {28}, Billy McKinney {o.g 42} 

Ranked at the time: 61

United: 1:Gordon Marshall, 2:Billy McKinney, 3:George Dalton, 4:Stan Anderson, 5:John McGrath, 6:Jim Iley, 7:Trevor Hockey, 8:Dave Hilley, 9:Barrie Thomas, 10:Willie Penman, 11:Alan Suddick. Manager:Joe Harvey
Town: 1:Jock Wallace, 2:David Cooney, 3:Avis, 4:Goundry, 5:Mick Collins, 6:Bobby Anderson, 7:David Lovell, 8:David Sturrock, 9:John Fahy, 10:Ron Heckman, 11:Miles
Newport County 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday
Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1964

Attendance: 8,928         

Scorers: {County} Joe Bonson {2}, Ralph Hunt: {Wednesday} Eddie Holliday, Alan Finney  

Ranked at the time: 22

County: 1:Len Weare, 2:Johnny Bird, 3:George Walters, 4:John Rowland, 5:Graham Rathbone, 6:Len Hill, 7:Colin Webster, 8:Laurie Sheffield, 9:Joe Bonson, 10:Ralph Hunt, 11:Granville Smith. Manager:Billy Lucas
Wednesday: 1:Roy MacLaren, 2:Brian Hill, 3:Don Megson, 4:Tom McAnearney, 5:Peter Swan, 6:Gerry Young, 7:Alan Finney, 8:Colin Dobson, 9:David 'Bronco' Layne, 10:Mark Pearson, 11:Eddie Holliday. Manager:Vic Buckingham
Aldershot 2-1 Aston Villa
Third Round replay: Wednesday January 8th 1964

Attendance: 13,566        

Scorers: {Aldershot} Jim Towers {69], Chris Palethorpe {75}: {Villa} Tony Hateley {90}   

Ranked at the time: 35

Aldershot: 1:Dave Jones, 2:Tony Devereaux, 3:Dick Renwick, 4:Jim Smith, 5:Gordon Henry, 6:Tommy Mulgrew, 7:Chris Palethorpe, 8:Tony Priscott, 9:Ron Fogg, 10:Jim Towers, 11:Alan Burton. Manager:Dave Smith  
Villa: 1:Nigel Simms, 2:Mick Wright, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Vic Crowe, 5:John Sleeuwenhoek, 6:Alan Deakin, 7:Jimmy MacEwan, 8:Tommy Ewing, 9:Tony Hateley, 10:Mike Tindall, 11:Harry Burrows. Manager:Joe Mercer
Preston North End 1-0 Nottingham Forest
Third Round replay: Monday January 13th 1964

Attendance: 29,374         

Scorer: Howard Kendall   

Ranked at the time: 387

North End: 1:Alan Kelly, 2:George Ross, 3:Ian Davidson, 4:Nobby Lawton, 5:Tony Singleton, 6:Howard Kendall, 7:Dave Wilson, 8:Alec Ashworth, 9:Alex Dawson, 10:Alan Spavin, 11:Doug Holden. Manager:Jimmy Milne
Forest: 1:Peter Grummitt, 2:Joe Wilson, 3:Dennis Mochan, 4:John Winfield, 5:Bobby McKinlay, 6:Jeff Whitefoot, 7:Ian Storey-Moore, 8:John Quigley, 9:Frank Wignall, 10:Geoff Vowden, 11:Dick le Flem. Manager:Johnny Carey
Chelsea 1-2 Huddersfield Town
Fourth Round: Saturday January 25th 1964

Attendance: 39,036         

Scorers: {Chelsea} Bobby Tambling : {Huddersfield} Len White, Kevin McHale   

Ranked at the time: 180

Chelsea: 1:John Dunn, 2:Marvin Hinton, 3:Eddie McCreade, 4:Ron Harris, 5:John Mortimore, 6:Frank Upton, 7:Bert Murray, 8:Bobby Tambling, 9:Barry Bridges, 10:tarry Venables, 11:Frank Blunstone. Manager:Tommy Docherty
Town: 1:Ray Wood, 2:Dennis Atkins, 3:Ray Holt, 4:Les Massie, 5:John Coddington, 6:Peter Dinsdale, 7:Kevin McHale, 8:Len White, 9:Alan Gilliver, 10:Chris Balderstone, 11:Derek Stokes. Manager:Eddie Boot
Preston North End 2-1 Bolton Wanderers
Fourth Round replay: Monday January 27th 1964

Attendance: 38,290         

Scorers: {North End} Nobby Lawton, Alex Dawson : {Wanderers} Bryan Edwards   

Ranked at the time: 432

North End: 1:Alan Kelly, 2:George Ross, 3:Ian Davidson, 4:Nobby Lawton, 5:Tony Singleton, 6:Howard Kendall, 7:Dave Wilson, 8:Brian Godfrey, 9:Alex Dawson, 10:Alan Spavin, 11:Doug Holden. Manager:Jimmy Milne
Wanderers: 1:Eddie Hopkinson, 2:Dave Hatton, 3:Syd Farrimond, 4:Warwick Rimmer, 5:Bryan Edwards, 6:Dave Lennard, 7:Francis Lee, 8:Freddie Hill, 9:Wyn Davis, 10:Peter Deakin, 11:Gordon Taylor. Manager:Bill Ridding
Swansea Town 4-0 Sheffield United
Fourth Round replay: Tuesday January 28th 1964

Attendance: 24,109

Scorers: Eddie Thomas, Derek Draper {2}, Jimmy McLaughlin    

Ranked at the time: 138

Town: 1:Noel Dwyer, 2:Roy Evans, 3:Brian Hughes, 4:Mike Johnson, 5:Brian Purcell, 6:Herbie Williams, 7:Barrie Jones, 8:Derek Draper, 9:Eddie Thomas, 10:Jimmy McLaughlin, 11:Brian Evans. Manager:Trevor Morris
United: 1:Alan Hodgkinson, 2:Len Badger, 3:Graham Shaw, 4:Brian Richardson, 5:joe Shaw, 6:Reg Matthewson, 7:Len Allchurch, 8:Mick Jones, 9:Dennis Shiels, 10:Tony Wagstaff, 11:Ron Simpson. Manager:John Harris
Oxford United 3-1 Blackburn Rovers
Fifth Round: Saturday February 15th 1964

Attendance: 21,700        

Scorers: {United} Tony Jones {13, 48}, Bill Calder (90}: {Rovers} Mick Ferguson {68} {Half Time 1-0}  

Ranked at the time: 1

{Image: Calder is mobbed by players and fans after scoring}  

Oxford: 1:Harry Fearnley, 2:Cyril Beavon, 3:Pat Quartermain, 4:Ron Atkinson, 5:Maurice Kyle, 6:John Shuker, 7:Peter Knight, 8:Arthur Longbottom, 9:Bill Calder, 10:Tony Jones, 11:Colin Harrington. Manager:Arthur Turner 
Blackburn:1:Fred Else, 2:John Bray, 3:Walter Joyce, 4:Ronnie Clayton, 5:Mike England, 6:Mick McGrath, 7:Mick Ferguson, 8:Andy McEvoy, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Bryan Douglas,  11:Mike Harrison. Manager:Jack Marshall
Sunderland 3-1 Everton
Fifth Round: Saturday February 15th 1964

Attendance: 62,817         

Scorers: {Sunderland} Jimmy McNab, Charlie Hurley, Mick Meagan {o.g.}: {Everton} Brian Harris {Half Time 3-0}  

Ranked at the time: 280

{Image: George Mulhall celebrates after Mick Meagan [on ground] has just steered his cross into his own net} 

Sunderland: 1:Jim Montgomery, 2:Cec Irwin, 3:Len Ashurst, 4:Martin Harvey, 5:Charlie Hurley, 6:Jimmy McNab, 7:Brian Usher, 8:George Herd, 9:Nick Sharkey, 10:Johnny Crossan 11:George Mulhall. Manager:Alan Brown 
Everton: 1:Gordon West, 2:Sandy Brown, 3:Mick Meagan, 4:Brian Harris, 5:Brian Labone, 6:Tony Kay, 7:Alex Scott, 8:Dennis Stevens, 9:Jimmy Gabriel, 10:Roy Vernon, 11:Derek Temple. Manager:Harry Catterick
Liverpool 1-2 Swansea Town
Quarter Final: Saturday February 29th 1964

Attendance: 52,608         

Scorers: {Liverpool} Peter Thompson {63}: {Town} Jim McLoughlin {37}, Eddie Thomas {39} 

Ranked at the time: 30

Liverpool: 1:Tommy Lawrence, 2:Gerry Byrne, 3:Ronnie Moran, 4:Gordon Milne, 5:Ron Yeats, 6:Willie Stevenson, 7:Ian Callaghan, 8:Roger Hunt, 9:Ian St John, 10:Alf Arrowsmith, 11:Peter Thompson. Manager:Bill Shankly 
Town: 1:Noel Dwyer. 2:Roy Evans, 3:Brian Hughes, 4:Mike Johnson, 5:Brian Purcell, 6:Herbie Williams, 7:Barrie James, 8:Derek Draper, 9:Eddie Thomas, 10:Jim McLoughlin, 11:Brian Evans. Manager:Trevor Morris