The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888



It was as Millwall Athletic that the Dockers, as they were then known, first came to prominence with a memorable cup victory over Aston Villa, which played a part in the team becoming known as the Lions. Their history since is full of memorable cup giant killing feats. in 1914 Chelsea came across town and found that their lions were not the pride of London. Millwall's reward was a place in the league in 1920 but with the exception of a two season spell among the elite at the end of the eighties their campaigns have all been as a lower division club. The reputation as cup shockers continued though with memorable victories over Bury, 1926 and Huddersfield, 1927 while their cup run of 1937 remains a legendary year in the club's history. Victories were gained that year over both Derby and Manchester City with the latter game remaining probably Millwall's greatest cup day until they made it to their solitary final in 2004 when they went down 0-3 to Manchester United. Post war Millwall's best cup giant killing exploit is probably the defeat of local rivals Fulham in 1965. Despite having only entered the cup twice as a top flight side it is enough time for them to have featured on the wrong end of a disastrous cup exit against Cambridge in 1990.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Aston Villa

Quarter final second replay: 5th March 1900 @ Elm Park, Reading

Scorers: Bert Banks, Joe Gettins

Attendance: 15,000

Ranked at the time: 1

Team: Walter Cox, Charles Burgess, Allan, Smith, Hugh Goldie, Arthur Millar, Willie Dryburgh, John Brearly, Joe Gettins, Bert Banks. {Unchanged from the first game, Robertson replaced Gettins in the first replay} Manager-E R Stopher


1-0 vs Woolwich Arsenal

Second round replay: 10th February 1909


Scorer: Jones

Ranked at the time: 12

Today: Outside the top 100


1-0 at Chelsea

First round replay: January 14th 1914

Attendance: 35,800

Scorer: Walter Davis

Ranked at the time: 11

Today: Inside the top 100

Team: 1:J H Orme, 2:J Kirkwood, 3:Woodley, 4:Bill Voisey, 5:R Liddell, 6:J Wilson, 7:Moody, 8:A E Hall, 9:Walter Davis, 10:Vincent, 11:Tommy Dilly

1-0 vs Bradford City

Second round: Saturday January 31st 1914

Attendance: 20,735

Scorer: Walter Davis

Ranked at the time: 27

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1:, 2:, 3:, 4:, 5:, 6:, 7:, 8:, 9:Walter Davis, 10:, 11:


2-0 vs Bury

Fourth round replay: Thursday February 4th 1926

Attendance: 32,115  

Scorers: George Chance, Alf Moule

Ranked at the time: 12

Today: Inside the top 100

Team: 1:Joe Lansdale, 2:Horace Tilling, 3:Dick Hill, 4:Alf Amos, 5:Archie Gomm, 6:Len Graham, 7:George Chance, 8:Alf Module, 9:Dick Parker, 10:Andy Lincoln, 11:Sid Gore


3-1 vs Huddersfield Town

Third round: Saturday January 8th 1927

Attendance: 40,000

Scorers: Wilf Phillips, Archie Gomm, Alf Black

Ranked at the time: 3

Today: Inside the top 30

Team: 1:Joe Landsale, 2:Jack Fort, 3:Dick Hill, 4:Alf Amos, 5:Billy Bryant, 6:Len Graham, 7:George Chance, 8:Archie Gomm, 9:Dick Parker, 10:Wilf Phillips, 11:Alf Black

2-0 @ Derby County

Fourth round: Saturday January 29th 1927


Scorers: Dick Parker, Wilf Phillips {pen}

Ranked at the time: 48

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1:Joe Landsale, 2:?, 3:Dick Hill, 4:Alf Amos, 5:?, 6:Len Graham, 7:George Chance, 8:Archie Gomm, 9:Dick Parker, 10:Wilf Phillips, 11:Alf Black

Quarter Final: Saturday March 6th 1937
Attendance: 42, 474
Scorers: Dave Mangnall {2}
Ranked at the time:8
Today: Inside the top 30
Team: 1:Johnny Burke, 2:Ted Smith, 3:Tommy Inns, 4: Tom Brolly, 5:Jimmy Wallbanks, 6:Jimmy Forsythe, 7:Barker, 8:Dave Mangnall, 9:Ken Burditt, 10:Jimmy McCartney, 11:Reg Smith



3-0 Chelsea

Fourth Round: Saturday January 30th
Attendance: 41,503
Scorers: Ken Burditt {2}, Jack Thorogood
Ranked at the time: 50
Today: Outside the top 100
Team: 1:Duncan Yuill, 2:Ted Smith, 3:Tommy Inns, 4: Tom Brolly, 5:Jimmy Wallbanks, 6:Jimmy Forsythe, 7:Daniels, 8:Dave Mangnall, 9:Ken Burditt, 10:Jimmy McCartney, 11:Jack Thorogood
2-1 Derby County
Fifth round: Saturday February 20th 1937
Attendance: 48,762 [Ground record]
Scorers: Dave Mangnall, Jimmy McCartney
Ranked at the time: 30
Today: Outside the top 100
Team: 1:Johnny Burke, 2:Ted Smith, 3:Tommy Inns, 4: Tom Brolly, 5:Jimmy Wallbanks, 6:Jimmy Forsythe, 7:Daniels, 8:Dave Mangnall, 9:Ken Burditt, 10:Jimmy McCartney, 11:Jack Thorogood
2-1 vs Aston Villa

Fourth round: Friday January 26th 2013

Attendance: 15,007

Scorers: Danny Shittu, John Marquis

Ranked at the time: 677

Team: 1:David Forde, 3:Danny Shittu, 16:Mark Beevers, 25:Adam Smith, 27:Karleigh Osborne, 6:Liam Trotter, 14:James Henry, 15:Liam Feeney, 26:Nadjim Abodou, 9:John Marquis {replaced by 21:Jack Smith - 90}, 20:Andy Keogh {replaced by 22:Dany N'Guessan - 82}


3-0 Bournemouth

 Third round: Saturday, January 7th 2017

Attendance: 9,471

Scorers: Steve Morison, Shaun Cummings, Shane Ferguson

Ranked at the time: 114

Team: 1: Jordan Archer, 17: Byron Webster, 2: Shaun Cummings, 4: Shaun Hutchinson, 5: Tony Craig, 10: Fred Onydinma {Replaced by 7: David Worrell-75}, 8: Ben Thompson, 6: Shaun Williams, 22: Aidan O'Brien {Replaced by 18: Shane Ferguson-54}, 9: Lee Gregory {Replaced by 16: Calum Butcher-84}, 20: Steve Morison. {Manager: Neil Harris}

1-0 vs Watford

  Third round replay: Tuesday January 17th 2017
Attendance: 9,054
Scorer: {Albion} Nathan Arnold {90 +1}
Ranked at the time: 140
After six years of struggle at Sincil Bank, in which relegation to the sixth tier had loomed large several times, things were looking up again
 for Lincoln fans as their team seemed to be marching towards the National League title and a return to the Football League. A trip to inconsistent Championship side, Ipswich in the third round of the cup offered a chance of a bit of extra icing on the cake for a side clearly brimming with confidence.  5,000 Imps fans made the trip to Portman Road, intent on a good old fashioned cup day out and got just that when Theo Robinson deservedly set up a possible cup shock not once but twice in a topsy turvey afternoon when a lacklustre home side salvaged a replay four minutes from time.
The 2-2 draw set up a live televised replay for the Imps at Sincil bank with over 9,000 fans packing into the ground for an evening that was also tinged with sadness. In the days between the cup tie and replay, Lincoln's legendary former manager, Graham Taylor passed away at the age of seventy-two. The future England Manager began his management career at Sincil Bank and was still the last man to take the club into the fourth round of the cup forty-one years early. Fitting then that, on the night the club paid tribute to Taylor, the men of 2017 emulated his 1976 team in impressive style. On a night when Mick McCarthy's Ipswich side were simply awful, Lincoln repeatedly failed to turn their dominance into goals with Dean Gerken producing one fantastic first half save when it seemed certain the deadlock would be broken.
That stop set up a tense finish as a rare Ipswich attack resulted in a dangerous free kick as the game ticked into stoppage time with all in 
the stadium and watching on TV feeling that a goal now would be cruel to deny the Non-League side an extra half hour, not to mention an unexpected late night for the BBC's News at  Ten team. The Championship side threw extra bodies forward in the hope of achieving just that but when the poorly effected set piece broke to Adam Marriott he suddenly found himself deep in his own half but with just one blue shirt between he and the Ipswich goal. With a hopelessly exposed Ipswich defence desperately trying to get back into position, Marriott showed great composure to not race on himself, instead checking his own break before laying a great through ball to Nathan Arnold who equally calmly rounded the defenceless Gerken before slotting into the empty net to clinch the victory and a fourth round tie against Championship high flyers, Brighton. 
Lincoln: 1: Paul Farman, 2: Bradley Wood, 5: Luke Waterfall, 25: Sean Raggett, 3: Sam Habergham, 28: Nathan Arnold {Replaced by 7: Jack Muldoon 90 +3}, 30: Alex Wodyard, 8: Alan Power, 11: Terry Hawkridge {Replaced by 27: Jamie McCombe 90 +5}, 31: Theo Robinson {Replaced by 10: Adam Marriott 80}, 9: Matt Rhead. {Manager: Danny Cowley} 

Fourth Round: Sunday January 29th 2017

Attendance: 9,772

Scorer: Steve Morison

Ranked at the time: 269

Team: 1: Jordan Archer, 2: Shaun Cummings, 17: Byron Webster,  24:Jake Cooper, 5: Tony Craig, 10: Fred Onydinma  {Replaced by 14:Jed Wallace 72}, 8: Ben Thompson, 6: Shaun Williams, 22: Aidan O'Brien  {Replaced by 18: Shane Ferguson-71}, 9: Lee Gregory {Replaced by 26:Nadjim Abdou 95} 20: Steve Morison. {Manager: Neil Harris}