The Giant Killers



Wigan were born out of the demise of Wigan Borough at the turn of the 1930s before joining the Football League in 1978. They gradually rose to the big time in 2005. they surprised many by staying among the elite clubs for eight years before being relegated but not before the biggest day in their history when Ben Watson's goal sank Manchester City in the 2013 cup final.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Crystal Palace

Fourth round: Saturday January 25th 2014

Attendance: 9,542

Scorers: Ben Watson, James McClean

Ranked at the time:705

Town: 26:Ali Al Habsi, 24:James Perch, 22:Jean Beaujesour, 16:James McArthur {sub: 7:Chris McCann-80}, 17:Emmerson Boyce, 25:Leon Barnett, 15:Callum McManaman {sub: 32:Marc-Antoinne Fortune-74}, 8:Ben Watson, 29:Nicky Maynard {sub: 19:Nick Powell-74}, 18:Roger Espinoza, 11:James McClean, Manager:Uwe Rosler

2-1 @ Cardiff City

Fifth round: Saturday February 15th 2014

Attendance: 17,153 

Scorers: Chris McCann, Ben Watson

Ranked at the time:740

Team: 26:Ali Al Habsi, 24:James Perch, 22:Jean Beaujesour, 7:Chris McCann, 21:Ivan Ramis, 17:Emmerson Boyce, 8:Ben Watson {sub: 4:Josh McEachran-58}, 18:Roger Espinoza, 14:Jordi Gomez, 15:Callum McManaman {Sub: 11:James McLean-67}, 32:Marc-Antoinne Fortune. Manager: Uwe Rosler   

2-1 @ Manchester City

Quarter Final: Sunday March 9th 2014

Attendance: 46,824 

Scorers:  Jordi Gomez, James Perch

Ranked at the time:342

Team: 1:Scott Carson, 24:James Perch, 3:Stephen Crainey, 7:Chris McCann {sub: 25:Leon Barnett -45}, 21:Ivan Ramis, 17:Emmerson Boyce, 15:Callum McManaman  {Sub: 11:James McLean-58}, 16: James McArthur, 32:Marc-Antoinne Fortune {sub:18:Roger Espinoza -66}, 14:Jordi Gomez. Manager: Uwe Rosler    



3-0 vs Bournemouth

Third round replay: Wednesday January 17th 2018

Attendance: 4,709

Scorers: Sam Morsy, Dan Burn, Callum Elder

Ranked at the time: 221


Team: 23:Jamie Jones, 6:Max Power, 22:Cheyenne Dunkley, 14:Alex Bruce, 3:Callum Elder, 4:David Perkins, 5:Sam Morsy, 27:Ryan Colclough {Replaced by 33:Dan Burn-71}, 18:Gary Roberts {Replaced by 17:Michael Jacobs-86}, 11:Gavin Massey, 9:Will Grigg {Replaced by 24:Noel Hunt-51}. Manager:Paul Cook

2-0 vs West Ham United

Fourth round: Saturday January 27th 2018

Attendance: 14,194

Scorers: Will Grigg {7, 62-pen}

Ranked at the time: 286


Team: 1:Christian Walton, 2:Nathan Byrne, 22:Cheyenne Dunkley, 33:Dan Burn,  3:Callum Elder {Replaced by 26:Reece James-86},  6:Max Power, 5:Sam Morsy, 11:Gavin Massey {Replaced by  27:Ryan Colclough-76}, 25:Nick Powell, 17:Michael Jacobs,  9:Will Grigg {Replaced by 18:Gary Roberts-88} Manager:Paul Cook

1-0 vs Manchester City

Fifth round: Monday February 19th 2018

Attendance: 19,242

Scorer: Will Grigg {79}

Ranked at the time: 40

Team: 1:Christian Walton, 2:Nathan Byrne, 22:Cheyenne Dunkley, 33:Dan Burn,  3:Callum Elder {Replaced by  27:Ryan Colclough-77},  6:Max Power, 4:David Perkins, 25:Nick Powell {Replaced by 28:Ryan Fulton-27}, 18:Gary Roberts {Replaced by 17:Michael Jacobs-55}, 9:Will Grigg: Manager:Paul Cook